Preschool Award
We know how long you've been waiting for this moment, and it has finally arrived.
After months of getting to know you and your projects, we are ready to announce the winners of the 2020-2021 contest!

Award has been held in Russia for over five years and is aimed at creating a sustainable community of professionals who create an environment where children are happy and realize their potential.
Rybakov Preschool
other nominations, we have launched a new global nomination category - Education Community Leader, in order to support people who positively influence the development of best practices in preschool education.
This year, along with five
Are you an Education community leader?
Take part in the competition!
A nomination for leaders of worldwide educational communities in the sphere of preschool and primary education.
What you need to participate:
Submit an application
Describe the most successful project developed by you in your community
Record a 2-minutes video presentation about yourself and your community
Submissions closed
For 20 winners:

Invitations to the Summer School
$ 1 000
November 30 2020
Applications submission launch
February 12
Applications submission deadline
Publication of results
Summer school
Rybakov Foundation is a private philanthropic organization founded by Ekaterina and Igor Rybakov in 2015. The Foundation strives to create conditions in which any child can receive quality education.

The foundation supports kindergartens and schools that provide for a smooth transition between educational levels and create a community in which children form a proactive attitude and develop due 21st century skills.
How do I apply?
We accept applications via application form on our website: https://rybakovpreschoolaward.org/

Please click Apply and read the Guide to application process before you start. It is also recommended to read the Terms & Conditions which you can find below.
What is the deadline?
The applications are accepted before 12 February 2021 inclusive.
I am from... Can I apply?
Yes, the competition is global, so you are welcome to apply from any country (except for Russia).
In what language are the applications for the competition accepted?
The working language of the competition is English.
What are the features of the project to qualify for the application?
Your project should demonstrate your organizational skills and the potential of your community, in what way you have positively influenced the education and what changes you have introduced. In particular, a project may be based on your proprietary methodology, some regular event, a media project, a social initiative, etc.
What is the Summer School?
This is an annual event that has been held by the Rybakov Foundation in Russia for five years. This is a great opportunity to meet and get together with like-minded people, to improve professional competencies and develop leadership skills.

During the week, the attendees of the Summer School:

  • will attend lectures and master classes by leading Russian experts in the field of preschool education and early development
  • will take part in development of projects, get advice from the authors of advanced methods in preschool education
  • will be trained by experts in practical work
In addition, the School programme the will include round table discussions, workshops, networking, agile formats, business games and other interesting events.

In 2021, the Summer School will become international. All Rybakov Preschool Award winners will be able to take part in the competition.

What is the format of the forthcoming Summer School?
In 2021, the Summer School will be held in a mixed format: online and offline. Foreign winners may also take part in the Summer School and join the community of competition pedagogues.
What is Impact model and Roadmap?
Impact model is the schematic description of how you are creating social impact with your project: Inputs, Activities, Outputs, Outcome and the resulting Social Impact. Roadmap is more of a Timeline of your project development.
What is Tagline?
By tagline we mean a short catchy text, in other words a slogan of your project / community. Some phrase that you identify your community / project with.

What is meant by “links to social networks”?

By this we mean the address (URL) of your page, your community group / page on social media services like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn etc.
What should I include in the video?
There are no limitations, we encourage you to include anything you find important in order to tell us about yourself and your community / project.
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Rybakov Preschool Award International Competition Regulation
Download PDF: Eng | Rus

1. General Provisions
1.1 The Regulation on the Rybakov Preschool Award International Competition (hereinafter referred to as the Regulation) establishes the procedure for holding the Rybakov Preschool Award International Competition (hereinafter referred to as the Competition), defines the goals and objectives of the Competition, conditions for participation, requirements for materials to submit, evaluation criteria, the procedure for selecting and awarding the winners, and regulates the Organizer's rights in the Competition.

1.2 The competition is not a stimulating activity, lottery or game based on the risk, there is no fee for participation.

1.3 The Competition is held online at the official website: https://rybakovpreschoolaward.org/ (hereinafter referred to as the Site).

1.4 Organizer of the Competition is Rybakov Family Foundation.

1.5 The working language of the Competition is English.

2. Competition Objectives
2.1 Search for leaders of professional communities, which include early childhood and preschool educators, as well as specialists involved in transition from preschool to primary school education.

2.2 Search and support of:
  • best practices of humanistic approach to early childhood and preschool education, in particular, based on Lev Vygotsky's pedagogical principles;
  • best practices of transition from preschool to primary school education;
  • best practices of positive and effective impact on early childhood and preschool education.

3. Requirements to participants of competition
3.1 Aged 18+.

3.2 No criminal record.

4. Participation criteria
4.1 The participant is the leader of the early childhood or preschool educators community.

4.2 The community must be sustainable (exist for at least six months), have an organizational structure, goals, mission, values.

4.3 The main social network of the community must have at least 1000 subscribers.

4.4 The participant must have experience working with school communities.

4.5 The community must be present online.

4.6 The main territory of the community must be outside the Russian Federation.

4.7 The participant is required to provide the most successful case of their community that has a proven positive impact on the development of early childhood and preschool education.

4.8 The participant is required to record a video up to two minutes long with a story about himself/herself and their community. The video must be publicly available.

5. The procedure and timing of the Competition
5.1 Applications are accepted on the Site until January 29, 2021 inclusive.

5.2 Participants of the Competition fill out an online application form for participation on the Site. The fields of the application are obligatory for filling in compliance with the requirements. After filling in the required fields of the application and uploading the required documents, the application is registered with a registration number assigned to it. A corresponding confirmation is sent to the e-mail indicated during registration.

5.3 Competition winners will be announced in March 2021.

5.4 Each participant may submit no more than one (1) application.

5.5 Applications that meet the requirements are forwarded to experts for examination and evaluation.

5.6 The winners of the Competition are 20 participants with the highest number of points.

5.7 The submitted materials are not returned and can be used for research and advertising purposes, publications in the media and on the resources of the Competition Organizer, for preparation of educational and methodological materials.

6. Application Evaluation Criteria
6.1 The Participant presented an active community that includes early childhood and preschool educators.

6.2 The main social network of the community has at least 1000 subscribers.

6.3 The participant's activity within the community has proven impact on the development of education and best practices.

6.4 The participant presented a case describing best practices within the community that has an impact on the well-being of children.

6.5 The participant prepared a video up to two minutes long with a story about himself/herself and their community, and posted it on any publicly available video service.

6.6 The video description contains a hashtag #RybakovPreschoolAward2020

7. Procedure for consideration and evaluation of applications
7.1 Each application is evaluated by at least two experts.

7.2 The experts may include officials or employees of the Organizer (no more than 50% of the number of experts who evaluate one application).

7.3 When the examination of all received applications if finished, the Organizer makes summary scorecards based on the results of the examination and sends them to the Expert Council of the Competition, information on the staff of which is posted on the Site.

7.4 Unconditional grounds for refusing a participant in accepting an application:
  • non-compliance of the participant with the requirements specified in this Regulation,
  • failure to provide the required documents listed in the application form,
  • identification of false information in the application or the documents attached to it,
  • application deadline.

7.5 The Expert Council of the Competition sets the minimum rating value of applications based on the data of the scorecard received from the Organizer and according to the total number of applications received and the average number of points for them.

7.6 The final decision on recognition of the winners of the Competition is made at a meeting of the Expert Council of the Competition by a simple majority of votes of the members of the Expert Council present at the meeting.

7.7 The meeting of the Competition Council of Experts shall be valid if attended by more than half of the experts, members of the Expert Council.

7.8 The list of winners of the Competition is published on the Site no later than on March 31, 2021.

7.9 Cash payments to the winners of the Competition are made by the Organizer on the basis of agreements concluded with the winners.

7.10 To conclude such an agreement, the winner of the Competition agrees to:
  • within 20 (twenty) business days from the date of the announcement of the winners of the Competition on the Site, provide the Organizer with bank details and a scanned copy of the identity card (passport);
  • within 20 (twenty) business days from the date of receipt of 2 copies of the agreement, sign and provide the Organizer with a signed copy of the agreement;
  • If the specified conditions are not met, the Organizer has the right to refuse to finance the winner of the Competition.

8. Special conditions
8.1 In case of cancellation of the Competition, a message about this will be published on the Site.

8.2 The Organizer has the right to extend the deadline for accepting applications, which will be announced on the Competition website.

8.3 The decisions of the Expert Council of the Competition are final and not subject to appeal.

8.4 The Expert Council of the Competition does not review applications submitted for the Competition and does not provide feedback.

8.5 The fact of participation in the Competition implies that the participants express their unconditional consent that any materials submitted for participation in the Competition, as well as their initials (names, patronymics, surnames of participants), date of birth, images, photo and video materials, as well as interviews and other materials about them can be used by the Organizer for advertising and other commercial purposes, in any form, both on the territory of the Russian Federation and abroad, for an unlimited period and without payment of any remuneration.

8.6 The Organizer of the Competition, at his sole discretion, may invalidate the application for participation, as well as prohibit further participation in the Competition to any person who forges or benefits from forging the application process or the Competition itself, or acts in violation of the Regulation, acts destructively, or with the intent to harass, offend, threaten or disturb any other person who may be associated with the Competition.

8.7 If, for any reason, any aspect of the Competition cannot be conducted as planned, including reasons caused by infection with computer viruses, Internet problems, defects, manipulations, unauthorized interference, falsification, technical problems or any reason beyond the control of the Organizer of the Competition, that misrepresents or affects the performance, safety, fairness, integrity or proper conduct of the Competition, the Competition Organizer may, at his sole discretion, cancel, terminate, modify or temporarily discontinue the Competition, or invalidate any affected applications for participation in the Competition.

8.8 The Organizer has the right to refuse financial support to the winner of the Competition in the event of fraud detection: provision of false documents, fraud when registering on the Site, when voting and participating, conducting an examination, and other violations. The Organizer determines fraud and falsification at his sole discretion.

8.9 All participants of the Contest independently pay all expenses incurred by them in connection with participation in the Competition (including, without limitation, expenses related to Internet access) and in connection with obtaining financial support.

8.10 The fact of applying for the Competition means that the Participant gives the Organizer of the Competition their consent to the processing of their personal data, namely its collection, systematization, accumulation, storage, clarification (update, change), use, blocking, destruction.

8.11 The fact of applying for the Competition means the participant's full agreement with this Regulation.

8.12 The terms used in these Regulation refer exclusively to the Competition. Issues regarding the Competition that are not reflected in these Regulation are governed by the current legislation of the Russian Federation.
Submit an application
Welcome to the Rybakov Preschool Award 2020 Application Form!
Before you start, make sure you prepare all the necessary information regarding your community (description, photos, links, impact model & roadmap, presentation etc.) and create a 2-minute video telling us about it. You can view the PDF version of the application here. Please note that the Form must be filled out all at once, it will not be possible to save your progress.

The application consists of 4 steps, all of them must be completed for your application to be considered. All the required are marked with an asterisk (*). Once you are done, please click "Submit Completed Application". You'll then get a confirmation email.

Guide to Application

If you need assistance, please click the link that says "Ask a question" located at the bottom.
Step 1. Contact Information
Title *
First name *
Last name *
Country *
City *
E-mail *
Links to social networks
Links to your Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn — if you have them (web page address, like https://www.facebook.com/Rybakov-Preschool-Award-Global-104401444909599)
Phone *
Step 2. Tell us about your community
Name *
Tagline *
Mission statement *
Aims & Objectives *
Link to the Impact model
Link to the current roadmap
Achievements *
Quote about your community *
Аuthor of the quote, position *
Community history *
Include the information about how long your community has existed and its milestones
Overall community size *
Provide 3 main links to your community (social networks, website, resources)
What is your organizational structure? *
What is your annual operating budget?
Specify your current total organization budget for the most recent fiscal year
Step 3. Describe the most significant and successful community case
What are you really proud of? Describe your greatest success in the lifetime of your community.
Please attach up to 10 photos *
Allowed file formats: jpg, png
Describe your case *
Please attach presentation of your case
Allowed file formats: ppt, pptx, pdf, key
Step 4. Attach a 2-minute video-introduction of your community and yourself
Tell us about yourself, your experience and your community.
Include whatever you want to tell us in 2 minutes. Please upload your video to YouTube / Vimeo etc. or any file sharing service and provide a link