winner in the nomination
«Education Community Leader»
Effie Bachtsevana
Author of a method of studying English
in a musical and playful medium. Musical teacher,
international speaker, and researcher

Thessaloniki, Greece
The point of my method of Boomwhackers is about children learning to feel the rhythm, play melodies, and harmonies, while also studying the English language. This game format prompts kids to unite in groups, which promotes children’s communication, creativity, and self-expression. They learn how to coordinate, cooperate, come to a decision as a group and enjoy the process. My method develops group unity: children learn to wait their turn, follow the rules and create their own, take on the role of group leader, come to common decisions and help each other.

What are Boomwhackers?
It’s a percussion set - plastic tubes of different lengths and colors, but with the same diameter. They make musical noises when hitting a solid surface (such as a knee, the floor, the walls, a table, or a chair). Each sound produced by the tubes corresponds with a certain note.

Boomwhackers can be used in all kinds of activities from games and performances to lessons and seminars.