winner in the nomination
«Education Community Leader»
Adina Elena Benghea
Popularizes a system of teaching
and psychomotor development

Timișoara, Romania
We are working on the creation of educational and therapeutic programs for preschoolers and their families that ensure development and a harmonious environment in the home.

In 2020, we have launched an innovative program called NeuroConnect for kids and parents. The program is concentrated on familiarizing children with their primitive reflexes, developing the general perception of the body, attempts to identify and express emotions and feelings, as well as using surrounding objects to learn, invent, create and feel safe, interact with other children and adults. We are happy that we can engage with parents by providing them with educational tools and direct feedback on children’s development.

A year after launching the program, we can see progress in the way children behave in groups, go through their education, contribute to the team activities, and talk about their needs and emotions.