winner in the nomination
«Education Community Leader»
Nataliya Osipova
Founder of the community
of preschool educators

Helsinki, Finland
I believe that only together can we build the preschool education of the future.

So I founded the international cafe for educators. Once a month, we meet online with my colleagues from all around the globe. We announce the topic beforehand, so each educator has the opportunity to speak, ask any questions, listen to each other, and exchange experiences. We talk about the news and difficulties, and we always look for solutions together. More than 100 teachers are registered for our events, and each time there are more and more participants to come.

This event is free and available to any teacher who has access to the Internet. No experience, rank, or location is important for participation. We are united only by preschool education, love for children, and the Russian language we use to communicate.