winner in the nomination
«Education Community Leader»
Irina Pahlevanyan
Founder of Indigami Child Development Center

Armenia, Yerevan
My goal is to help parents raise healthy, happy, independent, and successful children, as well as to improve preschool education in Armenia by working on the skills of teachers.

To survive the crisis caused by the pandemic in the country, my business partner and I have combined two child development centers. This is how the Indigami Center was founded, and later — the Association of Private Preschool Institutions of Armenia. During this year, we were able to improve the service, polish the program, conduct team-building training for the joint staff, as well as organize training for parents on the topic of raising children.

We rebranded the logo, launched a website in Russian, and opened new classes for preschoolers and schoolchildren, as well as left extracurricular activities for primary school children.