winner in the nomination
«Education Community Leader»
Guadalupe Bethzabe Rojas Torres
Founder of a training project for preschool educators

Mexico, Mexico City
I am engaged in professional training and improving the leadership skills and competencies of preschool educators.

During the pandemic, we faced a serious problem: since everyone was at home, we observed low sociability and involvement of students, and inability to use technology.

It was important for me to ensure the maximum participation of parents and to train teachers in modern technologies. I created various media resources: from Facebook pages to WhatsApp chats.
Now, together with parents and teachers, we have questionnaires, conversations, games, and other tools for homeschool. Children send us audios and photos, connect to chats on the live transmission on Facebook. They talk about their feelings, change their attitude to the learning process, draw and play with us in an online class.