winner in the nomination
«Education Community Leader»
Emine Öztürk
Founder of an authentic kindergarten,
built on the principles of inclusivity, parental
engagement, and cultural exchange

Ankara, Turkey
I believe that all children are different. It is important to accept them as they are and help them realize their skills and interests. From an early age, we try to promote the idea of social responsibility among children: our kindergarten pays special attention to questions of recycling and the environment in general.

Our activities comprise several main directions:
  • We have developed an authentic education program that will provide children with healthy development without isolating them from society;
  • We develop skills of the 21st century among children: English, arts, music, technology, etc.;
  • We engage both teachers and parents into the learning process - our doors are always open to parents;
  • We support children with special needs.