winner in the nomination
«Education Community Leader»
Juliet Taylor
Educational Director and Co-founder of Early Childhood Educators (ECE) in Israel

Israel, Tel Aviv
Once upon a time, CityKids was a small public space for young expat families to feel at home there. Over time, the number of families began to grow, and we grew into a real kindergarten.

Now CityKids is a preschool with six classes, where we teach hundreds of children from six months to six years old. We always wanted it to be a small kindergarten during the day and an English language learning center in the evening. We support the local expat community and dream of giving them a sense of home and security.

We strive to protect the interests of children and their parents and honor the history and values of our society. We try to support other educators, non-governmental organizations, and preschool institutions in Israel to improve the level of preschool education, demonstrate our professionalism and emphasize the importance of the community in the field of education.